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Yume 2kki:Monochrome Mansion

Monochrome Mansion
Monochrome mansion.png
Basic Info
Original Name(s)





WP #542

Events None
Notable NPCs

Monochrome Schoolgirl

Connecting Areas

Ghost Town
Monochrome Wastelands
Monochrome School


tonny31.6 (No. 284B)
bgm1 (Exterior) (No. 383A)
bgm1 (Exterior) (No. 383B)
bgm1 (Exterior) (No. 383C)
bgm1 (Exterior) (No. 383D)
dedp_qs0UrDFJ_bgm077 (Monochrome Fields) (No. 054C)
bgm048 (Escherian Passage) (No. 270A)

Map ID 0903, 0904, 1005
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The Monochrome Mansion is a series of themed areas accessible from the Ghost Town.

Map of the Monochrome Mansion
Map of the Monochrome Fields
Map of the Escherian Passage


When you enter the area, you will appear in the mansion proper. The walls are greyed out, in accordance with the name, and the music is quiet and somber. By exploring the mansion, you can find a piano, many chandeliers and furniture, and the mansion's only inhabitant: a strange, silhouette NPC with one eye on its face. Chainsawing the piano will stop the music.

Exiting to the east side of the mansion will take the player to a brief passage where the music will pick up and become more sinister, and the saturation quickly increases from grey to a very bright orangish-red. Outside of here, the player can see many strange plants with eyes on the ends of their stalks, and a Shadow Crow isolated from touching Urotsuki by the fence. The building just to the right of here leads to the Monochrome Fields.

Monochrome Fields

The Monochrome Fields are a small sub-area, dotted with white grass and dirt path and several bright red objects in the scenery, including large buildings with the hiragana letter あ (representing an "ah" sound) drawn all over them. Three of the buildings, including the one you entered out of, have doors, where one leads to the Escherian Passage. The third leads to a small, fenced-off area in the previous highly saturated desert, containing a bright lime green NPC with one eye on top of another and what appear to be arms or legs of some sort sticking forth out of its long tail.

A schoolgirl lurks the Fields, north of the entrance, who will try to follow Urotsuki no matter the effect she has on. However, having the Chainsaw effect will make her approach you more slowly. If she is chainsawed, Urotsuki will be taken to an isolated area full of あ's, where the schoolgirl is observing her outside of the boundaries, taking on a more demonic appearance. From here, the player can only escape by either using the Eyeball Bomb effect or waking up.

If you have disabled text events, the buildings, as well as the isolated location to which you are taken to after chainsawing the schoolgirl, will take on the appearance of a red lattice in place of あ's.

Escherian Passage

A small area inspired by M. C. Escher's Relativity, this is a straightforward path that gives off the illusion of what seems to be a maze, where going all the way forward will lead to Monochrome Wastelands. Just near the entrance of this area is a passage that leads you to the Monochrome School.


  • The passage connecting Monochrome Mansion and Monochrome Fields is a reference to Red Desert, a world present in one of the game's earlier versions prior to its removal.


If the connection from Urotsuki's Dream Apartments to Sugar Road is active:

After unlocking the connection to the Monochrome Wastelands from Rough Ash World:


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