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Ultra Violet:Soundtrack

This page is a list of all the tracks in Ultra Violet as of ver0.0551.


Filename Location Listen Notes
BGM001たいとるぽ Title Screen
Liminal Building Track is played more slowly.
BGM002nice bed Sometsuki's Dream Room
BGM003癒し系 Pastel World
Streetlamp World Track is played more slowly.
BGM004きれい Glass Pipe World
BGM005お店 Bunny Mart
BGM006静か暗い Old Storehouse World
BGM007からからころころ Needle Maze
Ancient Ruins Track is played more slowly.
BGM008とことんヘビィ Macabre World
BGM010ダーク耳鳴り Armory
BGM012夢日記 Laptop
BGM013夕日 Cliff of Memories (Path)
BGM014夕日2 Cliff of Memories (Peak)
BGM015重たい音 Bookstore
Hieroglyph World
BGM016かわいいぽ Dessert World
Pastel Block World Track is played more slowly.
BGM017ぽぽぽ癒し系 Snow World
BGM019飛ぶ曲ぽぽ Take Off
BGM021切なぽ3拍子 Blonde NPC's Room Track is played more slowly.
Liminal Building (Rooftop)
BGM022アンビエントぽ1 Bloody Water Dungeon
BGM023ふぁーふぁ Pinkish Continent
BGM024ふしぎちゃん Emerald Square
Banquet Hall
BGM027ぉおおおぉん Boreal Forest
Stained Glass World
BGM028荘厳っぽ Floating Library
BGM029風 Dark Forest
Banquet Hall (Balcony) Track is played more slowly.
BGM030てくの おもたい Cyber World
Cyber World (Distorted) Track is played more slowly.
BGM031てくの はねる Space Station
BGM033 FC おでかけ FC Fields
BGM034 FC さわやかちゃん FC Dungeon
BGM035 FC なにですかねえ FC Dungeon (Ribbons effect Room)
BGM038きょーかいぽ Emerald Square (Church Interior)
BGM040落ち着いたぽ Shrine Labyrinth
BGM041 FC うさとらんす FC Caves
BGM042きれいな忘れ物のような Fantasy Badlands
BGM043あたたかいよ Schoolgirl's Room
BGM044あたたかくないよ Schoolgirl's Trap
BGM045ん” Schoolgirl's Diary Event
BGM046ミニゲームイントロ PANErabbit (Title Screen)
BGM047ミニゲームメイン PANErabbit
BGM048ミニゲームゲームオーバー PANErabbit (Game Over)
BGM049うみのなか Seabed
BGM061展望 Cushion Rave Event
bin061226225013001 Countryside

Unused Tracks

This section is a list of tracks that have apparently gone unused.

Filename Listen Notes
BGM009ダークぽ Plays similarly to the song used in Armory, with another instrument added to it. This implies it might've played in some part of the area.
BGM011推理中っぽい Plays in Map0051, which appears to be a work in progress area.
BGM020飛ぶ曲ロックぽ Plays in Map0074, the Magician-effect-locked flight event, if the debug switch is on.
BGM036 FC くらいかなしいよ Plays in Map0110, which appears to be a work in progress area.