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    Yume Nikki:Number World

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    Number World
    YN Number World.png
    Basic Info
    Original Name(s)


    Effects EffectNone
    Events ああああああああ, FACE
    Notable NPCs Zippertile, Wheelies, Steve 'Leif' Kareha, Toriningen, KyuuKyuu-kun, FACE
    Connecting Areas

    Lamp World
    Guillotine World
    Mini Hell Knife
    Staircase of Hands Chance🍀

    BGM 1、2、あ〜数字の世界〜
    BGM_026 (FACE event)
    Map ID 0021 (Main area)
    0029 (Stabbing Room)
    0030 (Bed Room)
    0032 (Stairway Entrance)
    0033 (Stairway)
    Map Type Large, Looping
    Version Added 0.08
    Extras +
    YNOproject Badges
    Face(badgeYN).png KyuuKyuu-kun
    Closet(badgeYN).png Your Own Closet
    Eye(badgeYN).png Eye of the Captured
    A(badgeYN).png Scream of the Captured

    Number World is one of the twelve original locations accessible directly from the Nexus.

    Map of Number World
    Map of Number World's sub-areas
    Map of the Stabbing Room


    Number World resembles an indoor area characterized by confusing hallways and long numbers stretching across the floor, ranging from 0 to 236,800,954,213,315,784. It is one of the more unsettling original locations, partially due to some of the areas that are accessed from it, the multiple faces that decorate the walls, and its implied vastness due to its scrolling background being an image of the world's map itself. The music in this world is made up of low-pitched bell noises.

    Main Room

    The main room is fairly large, with multiple notable points of interest. At the bottom of the main area is a river, where a character named Steve 'Leif' Kareha roams. North of the world's entrance are several Wheelies, one of which blocks the Stabbing Room. In the southeastern section of the main room is a door to Lamp World and a special Zippertile that may occasionally look unhappy. Stabbing this Zippertile with the Knife effect will lead to the Number World Stairway. West of the main area is a door to the world's Bed Room.

    The Bed Room

    The Bed Room, as its name states, is full of beds. Some of them are occupied while others are not, though only one of the beds is accessible, which is in the center of the fifth row. This bed has a 1/5 chance of sending Madotsuki to the Staircase of Hands once slept in. In the southeastern corner is a Zippertile vomiting blood, which can be interacted with to go to Guillotine World.

    Walking near the beds is a single Toriningen. Stabbing this Toriningen with the Knife effect and then heading for the third closet from the left in the row found above the beds will lead to Mini Hell. Getting caught by this Toriningen instead will send you to one of two variants of the ああああああああ, one of which takes you to an isolated section of Lamp World.

    The Stabbing Room

    The Stabbing Room is found in the north section of the main Number World room. A single Wheelie blocks the door to this room and must be moved using either the Cat or Knife effects. Upon entering, the player will find it packed with 182 identical Wheelies, making it the most populated room in the game. The Knife effect can be used to clear them out of the way, and will make them shuffle around faster.

    Upon clearing the lower part of the room, a blue landscape model resembling a mask can be found, which makes a unique noise when stepped on. Other than this, there is no reward for clearing the room other than a bit of yen, which is not useful either due to better rooms existing for earning yen, such as the FC Goblins' Room.

    The Stairway

    The entrance to the stairway has a 1 in 3 chance of appearing every dream session. The entrance can be found through an unhappy-looking Zippertile in the southeastern corner of the world's main room, who will make a unique noise when interacted with. If the Zippertile is in this state, stabbing it with the Knife effect will make it scream and vomit out blood, forming a doorway in the wall.

    The area beyond the Zippertile has nothing of interest. Progressing will lead to the stairway. KyuuKyuu-kun is seen happily rubbing the stairway railing. Beyond KyuuKyuu-kun is a door identical to the one in Madotsuki's Room, which will prompt the FACE event when opened.


    Nexus → Number World


    • The Nexus door that leads to Number World originally lead to an early incarnation of the Lamp World in old versions, complete with music that isn't present in newer versions. Number World was eventually fully implemented in version 0.08, relegating a redesigned iteration of the Lamp World to a subarea within it.
    • Ones of the rooms that Madotsuki is trapped in during the ああああああああ event has faces. Some fans have interpreted these faces to resemble Monoe and Monoko, or possibly the two Sewer Drawings found in the Sewers' Docks path.
    • The main Number World room (the one entered from the Nexus) is a looping area, though this can never be experienced due to the room being enclosed. However, the Noclip Glitch allows for the player to loop around the area.
      • This is not the case for the Bed Room or the Stabbing Room.
    • The Number World Bed Room has a bug in which the player's footsteps can still be heard when moving around while floating on the Witch effect's broom.


    Unlike most of the other Nexus worlds, the Number World is fairly structural and, additionally, can not be looped through, making the world a lot more isolated. This may play into the themes of isolation commonly found throughout many worlds, particularly in Madotsuki's real-world situation. The world also appears to be particularly hostile compared to a lot of other worlds, containing a bloodied zipper leading to Guillotine World, the Stabbing Room, the FACE event, and a link to Mini Hell where Madotsuki can see her own ghost. This may indicate that Number World represents a deep fear or tendency within Madotsuki. It should also be noted that the latter three of the aforementioned features of the world are somewhat associated with the use of the Knife effect, adding to the world's hostility. These "hostile" elements also seem to only be related to areas outside of Number World's main room and bed room, which may link it back to the themes of isolation and a possible fear of exploring beyond normal boundaries.

    Additionally, the world may play into themes of anxiety or uncomfortableness, seemingly represented through eyes or disembodied faces. The world's walls are decorated with many faces, the ああああああああ event leads to Madotsuki either getting trapped with two large faces or hundreds of bloodshot eyes, and the Stabbing Room contains many cycloptic Wheelies exclusive to their room.

    The Number World could possibly be interpreted as a school. The world is obviously filled with numbers, which could represent a math class or a possible fear of numbers (arithmophobia) that Madotsuki has. The Stabbing Room could be interpreted as a crowded hallway, with the name and method of clearing it possibly showing a violent tendency or annoyance involving crowded spaces within Madotsuki. The Bed Room and its closets could possibly represent dormitories and lockers, respectively. The Toriningen located in Number World and the accompanying Guillotine World could represent other students, particularly a "popular girl" figure.