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    Yume 2kki:Nexus Worlds

    (Redirected from Yume 2kki:Dream Worlds)

    This page lists all of the dream worlds accessible from The Nexus and a few notable areas found within them.

    For a full list of areas, check the Locations category page.

    Keep in mind that this is a WIP and locations are subject to change, as new versions are released very often.

    Onyxdoor.pngPurple World

    A dark planet that has a rocky, deep purple surface with what look like miniature volcanoes scattered around. There are also small pink and green tube-like objects sticking out from the background. Pink, snake-like creatures inhabit this area as well as black and pink aliens that walk around. The Drum effect can be found in the open that takes you to a now empty Onyx Tile World.

    Added in version 0.100c

    Notable areas found within this world:

    Onyx Tile World: This maze of black tiles is unavoidably entered when Urotsuki collects the Drum effect in Purple World. There is an event here that turns the tiles bright red.

    Highway: This area consists mainly of a long yellow road under a starry sky that extends both left and right away from a small rest stop area. The left road comes to a dead-end, and the right road leads to a park-like area with large skyscrapers at the very end. Several other areas can be found here, including Dream Beach and the TV Room.

    Black Building: An office-like building with a Robot Guard at the front desk. Using the elevator will take you to a room with a fairy in a cage, which you can get the Fairy effect from. There is also a long staircase which will take you all the way down to the basement to an unopenable door, or all the way up to another door that leads to the Town Maze if the Forest Pier has been accessed from the Cog Maze.

    Red Monastery: This place is a series of red corridors, featuring strange statues, interacting with the T-shaped creature at the end of a corridor at the far left will take you to the T-Folk World

    Library world.pngLibrary

    As its name suggests, the Library is a library filled with shelves that are lined with books; some of these books pop in and out of their place. The books that move hold random texts, poems, stories, and pictures. Some books will transport you to another area.

    Added in version 0.035b

    Notable areas found within this world:

    Maiden Outlook: In one of the books (The second one on the first left shelf), there is some text. Passing through it and pressing Z at the book's end will teleport you to the same area that you can reach by taking the bus in Japan Town. You can't change effects here. Upon Urotsuki's walking to the westernmost point of the map, the Maiden's head pops off and falls rather close by to where Urotsuki is standing. If you revisit the area in later dreaming sessions, you will start to see the area at sunset, and later at night where the head flies around as if it were a UFO. Under rare and very specific circumstances (described in more detail on the page), the portal to Marijuana Goddess World will instead take you here.

    Character Plains: A small area filled with many different Japanese kanji acting as if they were what they mean, accessible randomly from the fourth book on the left in the second row. Depending on your effect or the time of day in the real world, the characters here may change in meaning and thus appearance.

    Word World: An area similar to Character Plains, but with entire English words instead. Again, these may change upon equipping the various effects; if one equips the Polygon effect, they will all change.

    Eyeball Archives: A large area accessible by reading the first book on the right in the fourth row, which only appears with the Glasses effect equipped. This area contains a very long and complex event requiring use of the Glasses effect, which culminates in Urotsuki claiming the Bunny Ears effect as her own.

    Goddes world.pngMarijuana Goddess World

    Each one of the differently colored tiles makes a different sound effect when stepped on. The tiles together form a picture of a person sitting cross legged and holding a sun (resembling one of the Hindu deities). Stepping on the flashing tile located on the forehead of the picture of the goddess will trigger a full-screen event with a flashing picture of the goddess and marijuana leaves (hence the name of the area).

    Added in version 0.051

    Notable areas found within this world:

    Color Cubes World: A unique area where the color of the screen changes depending on the tile you step on, as well as the sound of your footsteps. Many brighly-colored NPCs swarm its cubic interior, and traveling between its layers will eventually land you in the FC Caverns C.

    Dark Room: This area can be reached by entering the cat-shaped hole in the pink block located southeast of the entrance. It is a collection of a number of different rooms that lead to a variety of areas, such as the Snowy Pipe Organ, the Snowy Forest, Japan Town, the Sewers, the Tribe Settlement, Atlantis, and the Hourglass Desert.

    • Konami Room: Accessible through the west door in the first room, this is an area containing two male and female statues, and doors in all directions. If one enters in the Konami Code (Up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A; where the male is B and the female is A), they can access the Tribe Settlement, home to Komorin and the Bat effect she grants.
    • The Theatre: This sub-area, accessible through the east door in the first room, is full of chairs overlooking a large theatre. There are three areas accessible from here: Chocolate World, the Snowy Pipe Organ, and the Snowy Forest.
    • Snowy Pipe Organ: This is one of the three areas accessible from the Theatre, by interacting with the Black Beret Twin. The area is a large pipe organ that plays a sound whenever you interact with the Blue Beret Twin, and leads the player to Atlantis.
    • Snowy Forest: This is a large area accessible from a secret theatre in the back of the main Theatre area. Exploration is limited here, as the sun will eventually rise, waking the player. It leads to the Techno Condominium and the Alien Cellar.
    • Sewers: Upon entering the Dark Room, take the south door in the first room, then go through the eastern door in the second room past the dark figure seated in the chair. The entrance to the Sewers is located at the top of the staircase on the other side of the eastern door.

    Lampdoor.pngRed Streetlight World

    This relatively featureless world is dotted with red streetlights, several of which teleport you to different areas. More worlds eventually connect back here than any other Nexus world in the entire game; in fact, it is more than three times more popular than Mushroom World, the runner-up for this prize.

    Added in version 0.088c

    Notable areas found within this world:

    Eldritch Streetlight Zone: A sub-area filled with large clusters of streetlights.

    Red City: By interacting with a streetlight that has one lamp on each side, you'll be warped to the Red City. Most of the houses' doors are sealed shut, but 3 buildings are open: One has a portal to the Intestines Maze, one has a stairwell leading to the Head Wasteland, and one is essentially empty.

    Gray Road: Interacting with a streetlight that has four lamps on one side brings you to this area. It occasionally rains or snows here. This area is connected to tons of worlds, and is the main reason Red Streetlight World is so popular. These worlds include the Train Tracks, Sprout World, GALAXY Town, the Dark Forest, Florist, the Boogie and French Streets, the Highway, and if you are lucky enough to have it snow, the Techno Condominium.

    Monochrome Street: This area can be reached by interacting with a streetlight that has two lamps on the same side. It is a rather empty area that appears to have a reflective floor.

    Magnet Room: This area is reachable by interacting with a streetlight that has three lamps on one side. This world has tiles that mute your normal walking sound effects and cubes that push you backwards when you run into them. This area is connected to Urotsuki's Dream Apartments.

    Red Rock Caves: A world filled with many strange eyeball creatures with red or green eyes, accessible from the streetlight with the elongated lamp. Venturing deep into this world leads Urotsuki to the Dream of Roses event.

    Bridged Swamp Islands: Accessible from a lamppost with three lamps on one side, two on the other, and flanked by two more ordinary streetlights, this is an area consisting of many islands connected by bridges. Different connections here lead the player to Cultivated Lands, Rapeseed Fields, or Mosenite, which in turn can connect to Seaside Village, The Ceiling, and Lotus Waters.

    Bleeding Heads Garden: Accessible from two lampposts forming an arc by going between them, this area is filled with the red lampposts, and a few bleeding heads around the area. Going in one of the doorways will lead you to Alien Valley which then leads to the Butterfly Passage.

    Port City: Port City is a large building, mostly taken by nature. It has a great amount of points of interest, most notably the bridged garden located somewhere inside one of the buildings.

    Reef Maze: This place is a maze consisting of many rooms filled with coral, surviving the chase event and getting a special key will granto you access to the Lost Forest and the Haunted Laboratory

    Heartdoor.pngHeart World

    The world mainly has red footprints that make a noise when stepped on and red statues. The background is plain black and the backing track is simply the sound of a heart beating. When you use the Lantern effect in this world, it changes the background design. There is a railroad sign here that gives you the Crossing effect.

    Added in version 0.059

    Notable areas found within this world:

    The Deciding Street: This area can be entered by interacting with the pair of shoes located at the end of one of the trails of footprints. It is a street where you can neither change nor equip effects, as any equipped effects are deactivated upon entry and access to the menu is blocked. A blue blob creature at a stand appears to decide whether the gray people in the line head east or west. The entrance to The Bazaar is to the west of the bottom entrance, where you can get the Twintails effect. The west entrance/exit leads to the Dizzy Spirals World, and the east exit leads to the Netherworld.

    Netherworld: A large winding area featuring wide, angled paths branching in many directions throughout the area, and a very basic art style offset by occasional detailed objects or buildings.

    Dizzy Spirals World: An area dominated by spirals and spring-like objects. There may sometimes be a portal to the Hand Hub and Art Gallery here.

    Valentine Land: A simplistic area that can be found by interacting with the book with a beating heart on it. This connects to the Cyber Maze, Elvis Masada's Place, and Sign World.

    Spherical Space Labyrinth: A small labyrinth-like area entered by going inside a ladder leading down to this world.

    Cipher Fog World: A sizable area featuring several train tracks and named for its cloudy atmosphere. It is one of the four connections to the Sixth Terminal, and is accessed through interacting with a Puni.

    Mushroom world.pngMushroom World

    This world is filled with mushrooms, and at first appears cheerful compared to several of the other areas, however it has various bloodied parts, as well as the sub-area White Mushroom Field, turning the world monochrome.

    Added in version 0.092a

    Notable areas found within this world:

    Elvis Masada's Place: This area can be reached by interacting with the purple portal that is located roughly to the north of the entry point. It is home to the pianist, Elvis Masada, and her cat. This area is connected to Valentine Land, the Sky Kingdom, the Apartments, and an enclosed section of the Power Plant.

    Apartments: An area accessible from Elvis Masada's Place that looks very much like any normal apartment complex, except with weird characters in almost every room. On return trips, you can take a shortcut here by interacting with the first book at the second left middle shelf in the Library. This area is connected to the Sky Kingdom, White Fern World, The Docks, the Forlorn Beach House, the School, and Monochrome GB World, and is home to Bane Jack and his Spring effect.

    Bug Maze: Interacting with the green teleporter located approximately northwest of the main entrance brings you to the Bug Maze. This forest-type area connects to The Hand Hub, the Scenic Outlook, and Sign World.

    The Hand Hub: Accessible by going in-between the two figures in the Bug Maze, this area is a miniature nexus that connects to Christmas World, the Shinto Shrine, the Bug Maze and some other areas that vary per sleep session.

    White Fern World: This location is primarily a very long path that leads to the area where the Tissue effect can be obtained. It also branches off and connects to the Apartments, and the Power Plant has a one-way exit that places Urotsuki here.

    Vibrant Mushroom World: Vibrant Mushroom World is a field of geometric shapes and abstract NPCs resembling Geometry World's general artstyle. Depending on where you enter it from, the foreground will be different. If you came here through Mushroom World, there will be dancing mushrooms. If you came from Geometry World, there will instead be two moving blocks. From here you can only access the Monochrome Ranch if you have the chainsaw effect.

    Door.pngUrotsuki's Dream Apartments

    A world that very much resembles Urotsuki's Room, except without a computer and a different game. Exiting the room leads to an area that resembles a set of apartments; this may or may not be what Urotsuki's actual apartment building looks like. The entrance from the Nexus is slightly darker than the door leading to the normal dream room.

    Added in version 0.084

    Notable areas found within this world:

    Dressing Room: An area with various outfits to try on, including a maid outfit and business suit in the first room. In the second room, costumes taken from characters from numerous Yume Nikki fangames dot the area. However, you cannot keep the costumes, and they are removed when you exit the area. Within in the area is a curtain that leads to Fabric World.

    Trophy Room: This pedestal-lined room display all of the effects that you have obtained up to that point. Equipping an effect and interacting with its corresponding pedestal will result in the effect being deposited on the pedestal; interact with the pedestal again to regain the effect. Collecting every effect in the game and placing them in their corresponding pedestals will cause something to change in the real world. After this area has been visited once, a portal in the Nexus leading to here will be created.

    Simple Street: By going to the ground floor and entering the southern door, you will enter this area, which consists of a monochrome street lined with doorways. All doors will lead to a predetermined world randomly decided upon entering the area; said world's panorama can be uncovered by equipping the Glasses effect.

    Tricolor Room: The Tricolor Room is an area that changes its appearence every time you enter it. The monochrome room takes you to many different places depending on the color of the room.

    Bedroom: The bedroom is a regular looking room inhabited by a girl in a white dress, Interacting with the cocoon in the upper left corner takes you to the Silkworm Forest, while reading one of the books in the bookshelves while equiped with the chainsaw effect will take you to the Tree of Life, provided that you have chainsawed the tree in there.

    Cloud Tops: A beautiful place located high in the sky, entering from the Tricolor Room will show the sunset version.

    Picture Book: The picture book is an important place if you want to trigger some Spelude-related events, it consists of the Piano Girl's Room, the Firefly Lake and Serenade.

    Magnet Room: If entered from Seishonen's room, this area will be entirely dark. You can turn the lights on by interacting with a machine in one of the rooms at the south. This place has big, red and blue cubes that take you backwards if you collide with them, following a series of steps and enetering a secret room on the awall will trigger the Zalgo event.

    Butcher Hollow: Accessible at the end of a long ladder.

    Gravedoor.pngGraveyard World

    A dark world filled with weird characters, gravestones, and giant objects shaped like the four card suits (ace, heart, diamond, spade). The Chainsaw effect has no effect on the weird characters that inhabit the place. The lettering on the grave to the Nexus reads Urotsuki.

    Added in version 0.038

    Notable areas found within this world:

    Sculpture Room: A room that is accessible by entering the building that is southwest from the main entrance. An odd-looking chartreuse and cyan sculpture sits inside. If you attack the sculpture with your chainsaw, the pink characters will surround Urotsuki outside of the room and one of them will catch her and warp you back inside. Initially, the sculpture will not be present; but if you attempt to leave the room, it will reappear in a molten, grotesque, and depressing form should you return after failing to open the door.

    The Hospital: This area can be found by passing through the mouth of the vomiting heart and entering the door on the left wall. Its mostly a long hallway of doors, in which numerous different NPCs can be found. The Hospital Chainsaw Massacre event occurs in the room with the squirming bedsheet, and the Chainsaw effect can be obtained in the Hospital Outskirts.

    Red Lily Lake: Interact with the blue lotus to enter this dark area, which is filled with many large red spider lilies. This world, along with having various states and NPCs, connects to Candy World and the Butterfly Forest.

    Dream Park: The Dream Park is a giant, maze-like location. This place has a big secret you'll have to uncover by solving many puzzles scattered all over the park and having certain effects.

    Geodoor.pngGeometry World

    A large scrolling world set on a blue cloud background filled with many aqua-colored neon shapes and objects, such as large geometric cubes and smiling flowers. There are also a number of neon creatures with colorful flashing eyes in this area. The Boy effect can be found here.

    Notable areas found within this world:

    Stone World: An area accessible by doing the Eye-Chase Puzzle, choosing the correct paths, and interacting with the red thing at the bottom of the path repeatedly until you are transported here. It has connections to the Shadowy Caves, Monochrome GB World, and an exclusive entrance to the Digital Hand Hub.

    Dark Museum: An area accessible through the door on the last block in a row of blocks. It is similar to the Museum in structure, but it is almost pitch-black in comparison. It is connected to Flying Fish World.

    Smokin' HAL: Found by interacting with a snake scribble's head somewhere in this world, it is named after Geometry World's developer, HAL, as well as the fact that it looks as if he is smoking a cigarette. Entering his mouth takes you to a blue version of the same area, in which case you can either walk off the cigarette to enter the Broken Faces Area or go back into his mouth to see the Intestines Maze.

    Sound Saws World: A metallic world filled with several music instruments of the same name. It is one of the four connections to the Sixth Terminal, and is accessed through interacting with a Puni in a hidden room southeast of the entrance.

    Saturated Eyeball Zone: An incredibly strange world accessible from a very obscure opening on the side of one of the blocks. Eyeball people inhabit this multicolored city. From here, one can access a small portion of the Spelling Room, the Sky Kingdom, and the Netherworld.

    Mossy Stone Area: A small place with scattered rocks and grass sprouts on the ground. It can be accessed through the smiling box outline southeast of the entrance.

    Vibrant Mushroom World: Vibrant Mushroom World is a field of geometric shapes and abstract NPCs resembling Geometry World's general artstyle. Depending on where you enter it from, the foreground will be different. If you came here through Mushroom World, there will be dancing mushrooms. If you came from Geometry World, there will instead be two moving blocks. From here you can only access the Monochrome Ranch if you have the chainsaw effect.

    Garden.pngGarden World

    This large world is dotted with green plants and NPC flies. If you step in the shadow located south-southeast from the main entrance, the blue grass becomes orange and the green plants open and become yellow with polka dots. The Motorcycle effect can be obtained here, as it's directly northwest from the entrance.

    Notable areas found within this world:

    Monster Party: Step on the shadow, then head east until you see a large purple brick building with a keyhole on the front. Inside the building, if you look outside the window, you'll be warped to a compact area filled with the crocodile-dog NPCs and flowers dancing to the upbeat music. Interact with the key to return to the brick building.

    Blue Forest: By walking into the large ring of plants just below the entrance and walking out again, the environment will change slightly, creating a path down to a small hole which leads to the Blue Forest. This area contains teleports to the Art Gallery, Exhibition, and School.

    Snowy Apartments: This area is accessible from a red door in the garden, and is filled with many buildings, roads, and NPCs that display random sequences of numbers when interacted with. Urotsuki can step inside many of the buildings.

    Board Game Islands: This world can be accessed by a green magic door that may occasionally appear in the daytime area. It's a playful themed world of floating islands of boards with various pawns, dice and pretend trees.

    Toydoor.pngToy World

    A world filled with large blocks and checkered platforms. The purple floor allows Urotsuki to slide about, but only in one direction at a time. If you eat the cheese on one of the plates, Urotsuki shrinks, allowing you to access new areas of the world that you couldn't reach when you were large due to obstacles or size constraints. Eating the cheese again or using the Cake effect will allow Urotsuki to grow back to her original size.

    Notable areas found within this world:

    Mini-Town: If you eat the cheese at the north, you'll become a giant and you will walk over the houses and buildings until the effect ends. When it ends, you'll be transported onto the Gray Road.

    Day and Night Towers: This area can be accessed from one of the Mini Maze's exits. It has two Shadow Ladies (one sane, another insane, but she can't move.) When you pass through one of the doors, you are confronted with a clone of Urotsuki that mirrors your movements with the Y-axis inverted. The clone can be killed, but killing the clone will cause Urotsuki to awaken from the dream.

    Bathhouse: This area is also accessible from the Mini Maze. Urotsuki dons a swimsuit and a swimming cap here, but nothing else of significance happens.

    Wooden Block World: Wooden Block World is a looping world scattered with blocks of wood, many of which are stacked. The environment resembles the Toy World before it. From here you can access the Chicken World and Pancake World.

    Zodiac Fortress: This area is a relatively large structure connected by ladders, where you can find zodiac symbols etched on some of the walls, as well as patterns that fluctuate rapidly. Going through a door takes you to the Symbolon, and another door with an upload symbol takes you to the FC Caverns B.

    Red Brick Maze: A maze-like world filled with many purple cylinder objects. From here, one can access the Cloning Room and the French Street.

    • Cloning Room: This room can be entered by heading through the Red Brick Maze. Once inside there, go through the left entryway, then head south until you encounter a roadblock of three green blocks (push the left and right ones down, then push the center one either to the left or to the right). Go into the next room; the Cloning Room is at the bottom of the stairwell. Inside, a clone of Urotsuki sits on a pedestal, and equipment and books are placed about the room. Interacting with one of the pieces of equipment will trigger the Urotsuki clone to hop off of the pedestal and began rapidly dividing into more clones, none of which can be killed with the Chainsaw effect.

    Forest.pngForest World

    A peaceful park with white monolith structures, streetlamps and plenty of trees.

    Notable areas found within this world:

    Shadow Lady Forest: An unsettling area full of insane Shadow Ladies. To get there, use the Chainsaw effect on one of the sane Shadow Ladies near the hole to the Underground and enter the hole before she captures you. Exiting the Underground will put you in the Shadow Lady Forest.

    Underground: This area can be found by entering the large hole located northwest from the main entrance. The Lantern effect can be found here, and there is also a dirt patch that will take you to the Underground TV Complex.

    Chocolate World: Interacting with the white chocolate bar will bring you to this area. There are portals to the Dark Room's theater, the Stone Maze, Butter Rain World (through a Puni), and The Hand Hub here, as well as some hourglass NPCs and a running pink bunny who teleports you to a world based on your current tile.

    Astral World: Astral World is a calm and serene landscape, its palette mostly consisting of cold colors like dark blue and purple. Clouds and stars can be found here, as well as what appears to be fences that are made out of glass. Entering a snowflake-shaped cloud will take you to the Frozen Glade, and entering a cloud with a doorway like shadow takes you to the Nightshade Corridor and from there, to the Obentou World.

    Owl.pngShield Owl World

    A large scrolling world filled with checkered isometric walkways, and is home to many large multicolored owl people. The area is decorated by dead trees, grass, and pools of strange red water.

    Notable areas found within this world:

    Flooded Baths: A maze-like area, accessed by walking down a monochrome stairwell into the guts of a strange creature. From here, one can access Atlantis and the Art Gallery.

    Clawtree Forest: A large maze of claw-like purple trees reached by going between two pillars southeast of the entrance. It connects to River Road and the Primatic Tent, an eccentric structure found deep within the forest.

    Downfall Garden A: A watery and alien area accessible from the Prismatic Tent, it contains many flowers growing in the marsh. Portals to Flesh Paths World and the Highway can be found here.

    Acerola World: A dangerous world swarmed by many insane Shadow Ladies and dolls which either spawn another chaser or take the player back to where they came from. The Dice effect can be found rolling sideways across the landscape.

    Water Lantern World: This area is accessible upon interacting with a water lantern south of the entrance. It is a dark world dotted with torii gates and water lanterns.

    NES Glitch Tunnel: Located inside a TV, Urotsuki will suddenly find herself in an 8bit style world after heading down the ladder nearby.

    Matoran keyboard.pngCipher Keyboard

    The Cipher Keyboard consists of a huge keyboard-like structure where you travel in between the titanic keys. All of the keys are marked with a letter in the Cipher, and their order follows the QWERTY layout.

    Notable areas found within this world:

    Despair Road: This large maze-like area is filled with many platforms made out of intricate designs, and several guts and blades are scattered around the scenes. This area is very large and contains connections to the Broken Faces Area and the Poker Zone.

    Spaceship: This large area is an abode to androids and humans alike, and it features a hangar housing spacecrafts as well as an apartment in the main area.

    Dream Bank: In this area, you can deposit or withdraw money as needed. There is a staircase here to the left of the entrance, where its floor count depends on how much money you have stored.

    The Void: The void is a large, isometric set of futuristic corridors. Going down the stairs and interacting with a cube leads to the VOIδ, a monochrome version of this map. Going further into this world and interacting with an ink bottle will lead you to the Black Ink World

    Amoeba Woods: The Amoeba Woods is a lakeside woods inhabited mostly by amoebas. Traversing through a series of isletes and entering through a hidden passage in the woods will take you to the Sandy Cavern. Entering through a purple gate will take you to the Magenta Village.

    Portraitdoor.pngPortrait Purgatory

    This world contains a lot of black and white paintings arranged in a chaotic manner.

    Notable areas found within this world:

    Pop Revoir: A small dark forest with blue trees, flowers, an amber puddle and a purple well. It acts as a gateway to the Rotten Sea and the Pin Cushion Vineyard.

    Poseidon Plaza: This area represents a closed market hall early in the morning, with hanging flags scattered across the place. The market has three large sections that Urotsuki can explore, but this world is a dead end at the moment.

    Reverie Book Piles: A surreal world of giant floating books, with pathways between books and lampposts. It currently only leads to the Illusive Forest.

    Sakura Forest: A vast forest with Sakura Trees in full bloom. Small bunnies wander all around the area. Going through the forest until you get past the waterfall will take Urotsuki to the Shinto Shrine and the Butterfly Garden.

    Atelier: The atelier is an art gallery of sorts, it features an immense amount of paintings depicting other locations in the dream world, these paintings may change depending on the value of Variable 44. From this place you can unlock a connection to the Portrait Purgatory If you came from the Execution Ground. Interacting with a B&W Painting in one of the rooms will take you to the Duality Wilds.

    Basement of Oddities: The Basement of Oddities is a large maze-like indoors area, consisting of many doors, long hallways, and staircases on a dark background. It strongly resembles the FC Basement from the original Yume Nikki. By going through a hidden pathway, you can reach a teleporter to the Crystal Star Tower.

    PuddingWorld2.gifPudding World

    This world features pudding scattered around as well as candles and walking candles in a similar style as Yume Nikki's Candle World.

    Notable areas found within this world:

    Liquour Bottle Area: An area consisting of a single hallway leading to a construction sign at the end. Formerly, it contained glasses and different coloured bottles of alcohol, with red glass NPCs and white outlines of sad hearts inhabiting the place.

    Orange Badlands: A maze-like, monochrome landscape containing orange tiles, pillars and eyeball creatures.

    Pillar Ark: Pillar Ark is a very small isometric area made up of several pillars on a looping set of orange and blue tiles. The pillars come in various shapes and colors. Notably, the entrance is shaped like a walking pudding from Pudding World. From here you can access both the Nefarious Chessboard and the Blood Red Beach.

    Rock world door.pngRock World

    A world that is scattered with rocks and stones.

    Notable areas found within this world:

    Sanctuary: A peaceful grassland with flowerbeds and bushes. There are white blob mouth NPCs that highly resembles the Mouth Monsters from Yume Nikki. The vending machine in this area only sells green bottled tea.

    Rainbow Tiles Maze: A maze consisting of colorful tiles. Inhabiting each section of the maze are NPCs with the same color of their respective tiles. It connects to various

    Entomophobia Realm: A world with various insects scattered in it. Equipping the Insect effect causes the NPCs of the world to follow you. This world can be accessed by interacting with a vase southeast of the entrance.

    Theatre World: A world filled with trees, rocks and some that are knocked down. The tempo of this area's music frequently changes. The Rainbow effect can also be found here by interacting with the rainbow. This world can be accessed by entering the castle left of the Rock World entrance.

    Visine Spacecraft: The Visine Spacecraft is a small area that begins in the yellow and black control room of a spaceship. There's a closed door at the top that only opens when the Spaceesuit effect is equiped, leading to 4 different areas depending on the background's aspect when you entered through the door.

    Vermilion Bamboo Forest: Vermilion Bamboo Forest is a wide, looping area scattered with reddish bamboo and feline statues, as well as some rye-like crops in a diamond formation.

    Starfield Garden: Accessed by using Glasses to climb an impossible ladder overlooking a sunset, Starfield Garden is a set of cloudy platforms climbing high in the sky, dotted with stars and flowers and guarded by angel statues. Going back down the ladder, however, does not lead to Rock World, but a Forgotten Town instead...

    Oil puddle world door.pngOil Puddle World

    This world is dotted with reflective puddles and sets of eyes, which show an iridescent sky within them. Yellow chairs which appear out of place are also found here, occasionally with an even stranger three-eyed creatures sitting atop it.

    Notable areas found within this world:

    Digital Forest: An area accessible through the white outline tree found in the southeast side of the world. This world is populated with trees, much like the Evergreen Woods and the Forest World in Yume Nikki. There are also two fingers that take you to Finger Candle World when traveled between.

    Ethnic World: A confusing-looking area painted in brown and blue accessed from a white-outlined brown archway. There are no living creatures around, save for a purple face looming in a vast, empty room. Both of the world's connections, Finger Candle World and Opal Ruins B, are found in a small path one can reach by interacting with a lamp post with a pink eye.

    Ouri egg.pngOrnamental Plains

    This world has a cheerful atmosphere with colorful trees and pinwheels scattered around light blue sand. It also has purple walls all over the place.

    Notable areas found within this world:

    Drains Theater: A series of sewers that lead to what appears to be an abandoned movie theater. There are connections to Negative Space, Serene Docks, and Underwater Forest.

    Birch Forest. By going east and a little south of the nexus entrance, you will come across two gray stone-like pillars. Walking in between will take you to the endlessly looping Birch Forest, which has connections to: Sign World, Oriental Lake, Magnet Room and Thumbtack World

    Blueeyesnexus.pngBlue Eyes World

    This world requires that the Glasses effect be equipped to access it. It is a looping blue forest where everything is covered in eyes. The trees have eyes, the flowers have eyes, and there are occasional floating, bleeding eyes as well.

    Notable areas found within this world:

    Flowerpot Outlands: A dark and dreary world dotted with flower pots and odd plants. Relatively small, but somewhat lonely. You can find Gray Memory and Colorless Rose Garden here, as well as the slightly more vibrant - and dangerous - Planter Passage.

    Restored Character World: A vast, empty area with kanji characters making up the paper landscape. You'll come across math equations, ink blots, and even doodles of familiar characters. Both connections in the world, as of writing, are shortcuts unlocked from the opposite end - an eraser in the fenced in section leads to the Blueberry Farm, and a ruler near some drawings of eyes and Zalgo leads to Graffiti Passage.

    BacteriaWrld.gifBacteria World

    This is a foreboding world featuring oversized bacteria cells and lumpy green structures resembling hands and lampposts. Dotted around the world are lampposts in pairs, facing each other; walking between these make the world a good bit brighter, with music to match.

    Notable areas found within this world:

    Microbiome World: Walking into the mouth of a low-flying bacteria cell leads to a bright area featuring fungi stalks, friendly bacteria, and other microscopic things. The creatures here are friendly, and may prefer some effects to others! A white bacteriophage virus wandering around can lead you to the Blood Red House, and a seafoam green statue shaped like the han character wén can take you to a small nexus area in Hat World, if text events are enabled.

    Color Capital: Wandering the world is a colorful flashing bamboo shoot with an eye and two tiny legs. Interacting with it leads to a bright area full of bamboo named the Color Capital. Making your way to the bottom left of the bamboo field and touching a brown flashing triangle leads to a tatami-matted building, containing ornaments, food, and odd creatures. Found in this area is a statuette leading to the Dark Forest. A second, far smaller chamber has a white head with a hat that teleports you to Haunted Head World.

    Blue Shape Zone: Two lamppost-things dangle loosely, covered in red, as if they were injured. Heading between leads to a bright blue, technological area full of cubes, pyramids and rectangular prisms. The cubes explode in electrical arcs when attacked. Heading west leads to a maze of blue tiles, with a small hut that leads to Heart Pattern Pathway. Staying in the main building and heading south can show you a vending machine and another hut with an interior still under construction. If you've done something special in the Copper Tube Desert, though, heading through the bloody stalks holding a lantern leads you somewhere a bit different...

    DeepRedWildsPortal.pngDeep Red Wilds

    Deep Red Wilds is a vast desert populated by sharp-edged stone structures and green spiraling vines, occasionally plagued by violent sandstorms. The odd structures peppering the burgundy dunes actually resemble the internals of a breathalyzer, and for good reason; a drawing of a four-armed deity holding two sets of lungs can be viewed by staring into a hole in a perforated cube, and will superimpose itself over the sand for the remainder of the stay. If the sandstorm is blowing, however, it will be too shy to reveal itself.

    Notable areas found within this world:

    Mask Folks Hideout: A cylindrical stone mask with gold and blue markings lies in the palm of a hand formed of circular tiles. Donning the mask sends Urotsuki to the Mask Folks Hideout, populated by humanoids with arched backs and oversized masks who tend to tall, surreal plants. All other exits of the Mask Folks Hideout, taking the form of orange circles on purple stalks, lead to different sections of the Tricolor Passage; the main exit leads to the red path, a small blue garden found by heading between two short curvy vines leads to the yellow path, and a hidden exit beyond a river that can only be accessed by extreme violence and howling at the moon leads to the blue path.

    Bleeding Mushroom Garden: Right next to the hand holding the mask is a large building with a square-shaped hole on the south face. Crawling into this hole leads you to the Bleeding Mushroom Garden, full of the mushrooms the area is named after, along with sticks, yellow powder, and shining globs of blood. Some are sentient - these are young Blood Striders, which will try and fail to attack Urotsuki due to their youthful weakness. A tall red poppy can be found surrounded by small spores, linking the world to Rapeseed Fields, though the connection of more interest is a large dark hole leading to a dark maze full of mature Blood Striders - which are much more capable of harm than their children. At the center of the maze, should you survive, is a white computer monitor, almost pristine if not for the mushroom spores. Turning it on sends you to the Primary Estate.

    Stingray Skies: West of the Nexus entrance is a chunky building with a ramp on the roof and stairs leading to its doorway. In the back wall of the interior is a teal crevice leading to the dark Prehistoric Passage, which is covered in stalagmites and holds a few fossils. At the other end is a bright red Ruined Skyline, whose only remaining building is a pristine, glowing, ruby obelisk - as well as a small golden orb between two pillars. Touching the orb sends Urotsuki to the Stingray Skies, a world populated by giant stingrays wreathed in the glow of an ever-present sunrise. Among the crumbling stone islands and the maze they form, you may find a yellow stone leading to Fountain World, an abandoned car, an empty swing, or a strange scarecrow with long hair and a yellow dress leading to the Docks.

    Lamp Puddle World

    This world is empty and filled with lamp posts and puddles similarly to Yume Nikki's Puddle World. The puddles reflect a background that has a moon on a dark sky. Some of the lamp posts have butterflies flying around them.

    Notable areas found within this world:

    Fortune Teller's Tent: Entering the purple tent in Lamp Puddle World leads to this area. It's a purple room with yellow scribbles hanging from the ceiling. There is a fortune teller in the middle of the room, whom can be paid 100夢 to see a random NPC from the game.

    Abandoned Campsite

    This world is filled with trees, lamp posts and traffic cones. There is a giant grape with eyes in the background, and this world is inhabited by ghost creatures. There are many tents around this world, some of which you can enter, although they don't have anything notable in them.

    Notable areas found within this world:

    Pointing Labyrinth: Accessed after walking through two parallel signs pointing at each other. It is a fairly big maze with cursors on the floor pointing at any direction. A Light Lady can be found walking around the maze which teleports Urotsuki back to Abandoned Campsite. A green snake can be found elsewhere that upon interaction will lead you to Serpent Ruins A.

    Clock World

    This world is filled with different clocks, and the background is black with a huge gray pendulum swinging there.

    Notable areas found within this world:

    Dark Bunker: Accessible from a dark grey door located from the south of the Nexus entrance. It is a long hallway connecting to various other worlds. It used to connect to Red Streetlight World before Clock World was added.

    Lemonade Edifice

    A bright yellow building with several rooms. The rooms have very different furniture in them.

    Visine Leaf World

    A looping world full of big purple autumn leaves, floating eyes, gray detailed lampposts and tiny pale flora. The dark electric blue starry background slowly moves around on this lonely world.

    Notable areas found within this world:

    Lavender Office